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Our Fees
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How We're Different
RB Credit Repair utilizes PIC Association and their attorneys to complete the credit restoration. Unlike most credit repair companies, we do not practice the “dispute method”. Our attorneys will work for you using proven methods that have been perfected by our organization. We are in business to assist our clients. We succeed with improving not only our clients credit scores but also their quality of life. No more credit denials for the life of our clients is our goal.
Start Up Cost
$250 - Non Refundable
Covers bonding the account, pulling credit reports from all three bureaus, designating a consultant to oversee the account and assigning attorneys to remove the negative items.
Removal of Small Items
$50 Each - 100% Money Back Guarantee
Small items include late payments, charge offs, departments store cards, hospital bills and more.
Removal of Large Items
$150 Each - 100% Money Back Guarantee
Large items include bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, tax liens, student loans and more.
Here at RB Credit Repair, we strive to make your credit score come to life within 60-120 business days. We have helped thousands of clients dramatically improve their scores and we can do the same for you. Many clients need help to get results in motion. We can analyze and remove everything from simple late payments to bankruptcies. Take a look at what we have for offer.
RB Credit Repair is teamed with the PIC Association. PIC Association has been in business for 17 years and is registered with the Federal Trade Commission. PIC provides a seamless transition for our clients ensuring credit restoration success.
"I thought I would never get a new car since my credit was not up to par. Thanks to this great credit repair service, I now drive around town in style."
We Strive
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100% Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident in removing the negative items on your report that we back it with a 100% money back guarantee. Any items that you have paid for that were not removed will be refunded
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Mortgage Calculator
Your Current Mortgage Rates
 Your current mortgage rates might be costing you too much. Rates are at all time lows and restoring your credit is the fasted way to get the low rates with a refinance. We specialize in repairing your credit promptly, accurately and allowing you to get those low mortgage rates that are available. Below is a simple mortgage calculator to show you what you can save with a better credit score.
"After searching around on the Internet for someone to help get my credit fixed, I knew RB Credit Repair's Service was the best to get the job done."